Monday, December 17, 2018
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Methods of Payment
We accept checks, Visa/Mastercard, wire transfers, cashiers checks or cash.

We accept orders by phone, by fax, by mail or at our branch's Counter Sales area.

Order Types
Stock Orders
When placing an order with us for normal stocking inventory, we will ship all products to you according to your requested shipping method, or we will choose if you do not specify. We will back order any product not available at the time of picking.

Non-Stock/Special Orders
We will order product that we do not normally stock at our branch for customers who fax a signed purchase order. For COD accounts, we will need to receive a 50% deposit before entering a non-stock/special order

Ship Complete Orders
We will wait for an order to be filled 100% before shipping for customers who specify an order to be shipped complete.

Blanket Orders
We offer blanket orders to customers who want to order their products on one purchase order but want multiple shipments over some defined period of time.

Method of Product Receipt
Will Call
If specified, we will hold orders in our will call area for pick-up by the customer. Our will call is open during normal business hours.

Delivery by our truck
We offer free, next-day delivery to customer business locations within 60 miles of our branch for orders meeting specific dollar amounts, usually around $225.00.

We will ship orders outside of our delivery area or small dollar amount orders via United Parcel Service, (UPS).

Common Carrier
We ship orders outside of our delivery area that do not meet the size or weight criteria for UPS by common carrier. We will choose the carrier, unless specified by the customer.

Returns and Credits
No material shall be returned without prior written approval. Material must be returned intact. No partial returns of any item are allowed without a specific authorization. Material must be returned in original condition within 60 days of receipt. Material not returned in original condition or within 60 days of receipt will not be considered for credit, and at Sellers option will be returned to buyer. Returns are subject to a 50% restocking charge. Return cartage is Buyer's responsibility. Credits or refunds for eligible material will be considered only after receipt of material.

To receive credit for pricing or taxing errors, damaged, defective or lost product, contact your local customer service department.

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