New Blum's REVEGO

Blum's new pocket systems, opens up completely new opportunities for creating multifunctional space. This unique pocket door system with fully integrated technology, allows you to open up complete living areas when you need them and conceal them again when they are not in use. 


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Easy planning

Standardized pocket widths make planning simple. No matter whether single or double door application.

Ready-to-install solution

The well-thought-out solution has all the essential components integrated into the pocket system, makes it easy to assemble.

Simple setup

 Align and mount the pre-assembled pockets, install the fronts and track, make some quick adjustments – and that's it!

Conceal cabinetry in a flash

Full overlay REVEGO fronts completely conceal the pocket and cabinetry when closed for a perfect layout. 

Integrated pocket construction

REVEGO is so simple to implement that you might not realize the complexity that lies within the innovative hardware solution. What's more, the pocket systems are characterized by the ease of use and quality standards that are synonymous with Blum.

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