Milan Design Week!

Salon del Mobile & Cleaf Showroom | By Glynn Cornwell

At E.B. Bradley Co and Westcoast Laminating we source products from around the globe to insure our customers have the most innovative and current products available. There is no better place to look for new trends in our industry then the Salone Del Mobile trade show. It is held once a year in the fashion capital of the world Milan, Italy. It showcases the latest trends in European Kitchen and furniture Design. It is the global hub where trends are set. A group of us including myself, some members of our specifications team and two guest designers went this year in April along with 300,000 other people attending the fair.

We observed a remarkable integration of advanced technology, exemplified by induction cooktops seamlessly incorporated into kitchen islands. This innovation is redefining functionality, offering versatile spaces where kitchen islands serve not only as cooking hubs and meal preparation but also as gathering spots or areas for productive activities like homework. It's a testament to how design innovation enhances the multifunctionality of living spaces.

Current color pallet trends emphasize warm, straight wood grains like White Oak and Walnut. They were often paired with textured pebbled surfaces and reeded paneling in rounded and square profiles. This year, there was a notable continuation of the clean European aesthetic, further enhanced by adding glass doors and open shelving. These elements showcase special pieces and allow for a personalized and distinctive flair.

Also, while in Milan we visited our vendor CLEAF, a leading manufacturer of decorative panels. Their showroom impressed us with the industry's most detailed textures, realistic woodgrains, and a stunning selection of metallics, stones, and even fabric effects.

Trips like this allows us to get a sneak peek at the latest design trends, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve and curate exciting new additions to our product lineup. Keep your eyes peeled for some innovative designs coming soon!


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