Rehau RAUBOND PUR Hot Melt Adhesive | Cartridge, 14 lbs/box | Translucent | 122961-010


Rehau RAUBOND PUR Hot Melt Adhesive has a fast setting translucent bond with excellent thermal stability, high initial strength, high resistance to heat, water, steam, solvents and cleaners. For bonding thermoplastic edgebands such as ABS, PP, PVC with suitable primer application to the reverse side. Also for edgebands made from resinated decor paper, aluminum with an appropriate pretreatment, HPL or veneer. Specialized processing equipment from moisture-proof sealed containers required.



  • Type: Reactive Polyurethane (PUR) Cartridge
  • Color: Translucent
  • Softening Point: 149°F (65°C) Kofler bench
  • Density (p): 1.10 g/cm3 (9.18 lbs/gal)
  • Viscosity (μ): 90,000 mPAS/Ps @ 248°F (120°C)


  • Methods: This adhesive is made for PUR cartridge edgebanders including Holz-Her
  • Application Temp: 212-248°F (100-120°C)
  • Feed Speed: 10-40 m/min (30-120 ft/min)
  • Cleaning: If necessary, flush out hot melt remnants from the melt and applicator with Jowat Flushing Agent 930.94. Use Jowat Cleaner 930.30 to dissolve solid material.
  • Tips: A number of factors influence adhesion including substrate temperature and moisture content; ambient temperature, humidity and airflow; equipment type. Settings should be optimized for each material type and equipment at the facility.


  • Packaging: 14 lbs net weight, 24 cartridges per box
  • Storage: In sealed containers, cool and dry (15-25°C (59-77°F)) Please see container label for Bestbefore-date. After the elapse of the best-before-date, verify that the product is fit for intended application. Protect from moisture.
  • Marking: We recommend drawing off any vapors which may form. Consult Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.
More Information
Manufacturer SKU 122961-010
Brand Rehau
Bonds To ABS, PP, PVC with primer, resinated decor paper, aluminum with pretreatment, HPL, veneer
Color Translucent
Container Size 14 lbs.
Container Type Box
Item Name Hot Melt Adhesive
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