Hatano studio | Kirkland, WA

Creative Residential Use of Wilsonart, Cleaf and Alvic Surfacing Products I Kirkland, WA


Yumi Kagamihara, Founder of Hatano Studio in Kirkland, Washington, has designed numerous residential kitchens and baths, often with an eye towards mixing and matching surfacing materials to create unique environments. She works with several preferred fabricators throughout the Seattle area.


A local client of Yumi’s was interesting in a contemporary, luxurious look incorporating a subtle wood design for a complete kitchen remodel within a footprint that was once 2 ½ rooms! A stunning presence was created by combining Alvic White Gloss panels and Wilsonart’s Sterling Ash with textured finish. The Wilsonart woodgrain was oriented vertically on island doors, lower cabinet doors and areas around the refrigerator and microwave. Alvic white gloss doors were incorporated in upper cabinets. Per Yumi “The Alvic product is somewhat off-white keeping the room warm, rich and complimentary to Sterling Ash.”


One of Yumi’s more open concepts created a seamless flow from kitchen to adjacent family room using Cleaf’s City Oak design. The prior home was torn down, and an entirely new residence was built over a one-year period. “My client was an expert cook who requested significant kitchen space with a large working area and significant storage adjacent to their main living area. They had strong preferences regarding the color palate and their desire for a contemporary look. They were thrilled with the result.”


Yumi’s most recent kitchen remodel includes Cleaf’s Neckinger S121 design for a large island with horizontally oriented 5-piece shaker cabinet doors and all drawers. Neckinger features prominent, marked knots and grains inspired by oak wood. Her overarching plan doubled the kitchen space. Combined with other elements, Yumi achieved “A durable space I would consider transitional, not too contemporary and not too modern.”


“My relationship with E.B. Bradley’s Team has been critical to the success of so many of my projects. I have worked closely with Coleigh, the Specification Manager here in Washington, for years. He’s been an amazing partner who keeps me informed about new products and makes sure that my library is always updated. My questions and sample requests get handled quickly. I’m comfortable specifying Cleaf, Alvic and Wilsonart products because they’ve always been in stock at E.B. Bradley and shipping to my clients has been without issues. And I love Wilsonart Traceless. I’ve specified the product a number of times and even used it in my own bathroom remodel! ”

-Yumi Kagamihara, Hatano Studio, LLC

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