Introducing 11 new woodgrain designs from Cleaf, ranging from shades of white, yellow, grey, and brown to meet a broad range of design needs. Unique textures include Fronda which reproduces an elm wood once common in Italy with a somewhat brighter tone plus Okobo texture, a Paulownia wood from China commonly called the princess tree.  Its stunning design is driven by regularity of the wood's fiber and a synchronized finish that is the deepest texture of any TFL product. 


Cleaf, an Italian Company located near Milan, merges fashion, craftsmanship, function, and technology to create deeply textured panels with the most realistic woodgrains and registered embossed finishes.

LM96 | Santos White | Matrix
LR65 | Acquedotti | Sable
LS41 | Calvanico | Poro Noce
LS43 | Montoro | Poro Noce
S002 | Snow man | Sable
S032 | Acero | Sable
S137 | Tokyo | Esperia
S155 | Corsini | Fronda
S159 | Taito | Okobo
S160 | Meguro | Okobo
S162 | Nakano | Okobo
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